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We are retiring the thermal power plants
that have supported our economic
growth with respect and gratitude.

Our Promise

Equipment that has been moving without a break
And the baton that has been passed down
We will carefully carry out the final retirement work.

Electricity brightly illuminates people's lives.
We take our lives with electricity for granted.
However, if we look around the world, there are still many countries and regions where electricity is inadequate.

It is no exaggeration to say that Japan has achieved economic growth since the end of World War II because thermal power plants supported the country's rapid economic growth from the shadows.

Today, energy policy is undergoing major changes,
Old facilities that have continued to supply electricity until now are being decommissioned.

We are grateful for the power plant facilities and the people who have been involved with them,
With respect and gratitude
We promise to safely and carefully dispose of the old facilities.

removal work

Experience x Knowledge x Experience

We know power plant equipment

Kajitani Kogyo has been performing power plant demolition removal work for more than 20 years. We can image the blueprints so well that we can even determine the weight and size of turbines and boilers rather than the amount of electricity generated.

In order for power plant retirement to proceed smoothly and without problems, safety-backed construction methods and careful planning are necessary. Power plant facilities should not be viewed as objects.

We can handle everything from power plants for electric power companies throughout Japan to plants' own power generation equipment, turbines, boilers, dust collectors, and chimneys.
We can propose the most appropriate retirement solution that matches the characteristics of the power equipment.

Heavy machinery

We own several large demolition machines, including the SK2200D, an ultra-large 200-ton class demolition machine. Utilizing these machines improves work efficiency on-site, enabling swift demolition operations, shortening construction periods, and ensuring efficient project execution.



Power Plant Demolition




To safely implement the retirement of power plants

Total support from pre-construction to completion
Realize safe and smooth retirement

The removal of power plant equipment is all but unique and requires a wide range of experience and knowledge, along with a high degree of risk.

We are a company that can propose construction methods suited to the site conditions based on our extensive past on-site experience. We grasp the site environment from various perspectives and propose the best construction method by utilizing our accumulated knowledge and experience.

We are also capable of undertaking the entire process from construction planning to construction management and technical performance after the proposal is made.
By providing comprehensive services from before the start of construction to the completion of construction, we realize safe and smooth removal of the site.

Conducted study sessions on power plants

In-house study sessions are held to familiarize skilled workers and younger staff with the basic structure of thermal power generation (boilers, turbines, chimneys) and the movement of each piece of equipment.

By deepening their understanding of power plant equipment, they are able to diagnose aging conditions, plan cutting sequences, and safely remove the equipment.

Prior to entering the field, trainees receive site-specific training to ensure that they have a solid background knowledge before being sent out.


We, Kajitani Kogyo, have been performing power plant retirement work for more than 20 years!