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Power Plant Equipment Demolition (Boilers and Turbines)

We propose the best dismantling method according to the characteristics of the power equipment.

We can handle everything from power plants for electric power companies throughout Japan to plant-specific power generation equipment, including turbines, boilers, dust collectors, and chimneys.

Our Experience in Dismantling Power Plant Facilities

Here are some examples of our experience in dismantling power plant facilities.

YearMonthDistinctionConstruction locationContents of construction work
20242othersKanto AreaThe windmill's pulling out the fortifications.
20231electric powerKanto AreaRemoval of large substation equipment
2electric powerKanto AreaRemoval of boiler facilities
12heavy industryKansai AreaRemoval of boiler facilities
20224electric powerChugoku AreaRemoval of two wind power generation units
5steel manufactureKansai AreaSteam turbine removal work
20211electric powerKansai AreaRemoval of two H180.0m steel collective chimneys
6electric powerKanto AreaRemoval of large substation equipment
20205electric powerKansai AreaBoiler and turbine power plant equipment
20184electric powerKanto AreaBoiler and turbine retirement work
9electric powerKyushu areaDemolition of steel 160-meter-long collective chimney and boiler
20162gasKansai AreaRemoval of boiler facilities
4electric powerChubu AreaRemoval of four turbines
20145electric powerChubu AreaBoiler Retirement of generator equipment
20102steel manufactureKansai AreaTurbine Dismantling
7steel manufactureChugoku AreaBoiler Dismantling
12chemistryShikoku AreaBoiler Dismantling
20067otherChubu AreaDemolition of RC chimney, boiler, etc.
20054electric powerKansai AreaBoiler, turbine and building demolition
12steel manufactureKansai AreaTurbine and other ancillary equipment demolition
200410electric powerKansai AreaDemolition of 150-meter steel assembly chimney
11otherShikoku AreaDemolition of steel 100m chimney and tank
20032electric powerKansai AreaBoiler, turbine and building demolition